Balance of Occupations, Random Thoughts of an OT ;)

So the “balance of occupations” is of course super important in occupational therapy world. 🙂 I almost never just post stuff I did, but I feel like it this weekend!
Friday: Went to work, we had an all special education (SPED) meeting at 1pm to 3pm, then I met with two other OTs right after for a quick meeting, then all of SPED had a Happy Hour afterward, some of us were there till 6ish and then four of us went to dinner (the SPED director, me the OT, an autism behavior specialist, and a learning resource center educational specialist). Then I went for a second dinner (yes I was careful about calories knowing I had two dinner dates in a row, lol), before getting home at 10pm and having to finish writing up my OT triennial report due Friday (it was a rough draft but parents wanted it early, a week before the meeting). I ended up sending it in at 12:20am…whoops. Slightly into Saturday. I was so tired, it sucked, but that’s what I get for going to Happy Hour and Dinners. It was worth it to have fun with friends and coworkers. 
Today Saturday, I slept in, went to Pilates, went to an animal hospital to get new flea stuff as the Frontline from Costco apparently stopped working, went to the grocery store for senior cat food, went to get gas, set up my mom for contrast baths, took my mother to her first PT evaluation for her ankle (went well – remind me to tell you about my mom’s take on contrast baths), took her to Costco (walker, electric scooter, the works), took her to Trader Joe’s, and did a thorough de-fleaing with the vacuuming, washing of bedding, carpet sprays, Capstar pills, and Zetra treatments (similar to Advantage). Long day. I’m super tired. But I also have a lot of OT work I want to do. It’s 7:35pm and part of me wants to nap for a while and then get up and work. I don’t work well when I am tired.  But I also know that’s bad sleep hygiene. Decisions, decisions….
Tomorrow: Pilates and holding babies at the hospital 🙂 Also seeing a friend for dinner. The pictures above were taken from my backyard tonight at sunset. We had a beautiful pink/purple sunset! 
So….I like to do a combination of work and play each day of the week rather than work hard, play hard. I like it mixed. 
I definitely HAVE to catch up on my logs for work, but also really want to do some more organizing of stuff and blog work as well…. 
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