Beautiful nesting puzzles

While reading a “birth story” from some mom in Australia that I found while playing on Reddit (playing on the Internet is like one big ADHD skit), I found this website with stunning toys. Unfortunately this store is located in Australia but I'm guessing with some basic sleuthery (ie, you know, a google search), they may be available here.

I really liked the nesting puzzles! Some would take quite a bit of fine motor AND focus.
Today was a very non productive day as I was exhausted, but it ended with a six hour pozole (a soup) making marathon from start to finish, and tomorrow I hope to do some more resting, a little work, hold babies at the hospital, and see a friend. 
Maybe within the spectrum of work and rest there can be some blog time. If “relaxation” is a zero, and “work” (meaning my actual paying job) is a 12, I think blogging and Miss Awesomeness related pursuits are about a 3 through 7 depending on what it is!
That last paragraph was completely and utterly useless information, and I apologize to your eyeballs and neurons for that.
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