Beauty does come from within!!! My random thought of the day

Post-script written at top: Oops, I got distracted writing this up (and I realize I won’t win any prizes for creative writing, thanks Sarah) and now it’s late, augh!! Gotta run!! Ohh WHERE is my toothbrush…oooh where….is my toothbrush…oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh WHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ::sings::

The other night I was deliriously tired after being at work 11 hours, and found it immensely amusing that Lester mutilated my drink straw, making goose noises as he did so (video 1). In the very short video 2, I am just talking to him a second and he does some of his signature silent meows. I was just re-watching it and I realized that Lester is no longer ugly to me. In fact to me he looks like the cutest kitty in the world, that of Puss in Boots of Shrek fame. He’s kind of part Yoda-Darth-Vader-Furby-Gremlin-Lion-Goose-Puss-in-Boots-Kitty, actually.

Beauty really does come from within…eventually…while part of why I loved him in the beginning was his intense ugliness (before I knew his personality), now I just see his inner sweetness and that makes him beautiful to me. Which is a bummer because I wanted to use him as a diet plan and blow up his face for my fridge door, but now I’d just coo at his sweetness and eat a fudgesicle in his honor instead of fleeing the room immediately.

I was thinking of how Lester has become beautiful to me – and I think that’s how it works in real life too…inner sweetness is the most important thing, ultimately.

Osteoblasts/osteoclasts are cells in bone that work together to build/destroy bone…constantly remodeling the bones for homeostasis….there is a genetic disorder called osteopetrosis that causes the osteoblasts to go into overtime (or the osteoclasts to stop working, I forget) and the bones end up really really really dense……maybe there are also sweetnessoblasts and sweetnessoclasts working together in the soul!! In Lester’s case, he must have a similar disorder to osteopetrosis, because those sweetnessoblasts are working overtime CUZ HE IS THE AWESOMEST SWEETEST KITTY IN THE WORLD.

All this to say…I think occupational therapists – or really any profession that works with people who have had a rough time – whether through genetic defects or accidents or who knows what – have a better ability than most to see through the outer shell and to focus on what is inside….

All crazy noises in video are emanating from LESTER.

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