Because what if the IEP team gets hit by a bus?

I just burst out laughing. The IEP team got a long e-mail from a parent asking us for clarifications in a variety of places, which can be overwhelming of course, especially right before bedtime (coughsleephygienecoughypocriticalOTcough).

Anyways, the mother specifies an area she wants clarified and then writes We all know what this is referring to but just in case the entire IEP team gets hit by a bus.”

I freaking burst out laughing. Often a parent or a IEP team member will request clarification just in case the family moves to a different district or service provider, so that there is not ambiguity. But I’ve never heard it spun as “In case you all die at once”. AHAHAHAHAHAHA
I wrote back to the IEP team (including mom who has a great sense of humor) and pointed out the awesomeness. Makes tackling a long list a lot more fun. 🙂
Nov 06, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none