Bed Bath and Beyond…a good place for grandma's care items

Letter I got from my friend! Bed Bath and Beyond goes above and beyond! ha ha ha!@

“Last November after Mom broke her leg, I had to get her several items, such as a raised commode seat, shower chair, and a tub rail.  I went all over town from Walgreen's to CVS to a medical equipment store.  Nobody had everything, if you get my meaning.  Selection was very limited and prices were high.

Yesterday for the first time in my life I went to a Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We went to look at stuff for Sarah's dorm room.  And on one really big end display in the bath section, there it all was.  Everything I had spent about 4 hours searching for all over town, plus some items that would have been helpful but were not necessary and I couldn't find them anyway. 

I have no vested interest in BB&B,and would have never thought them a source for accommodation items.  Selection and price (as compared to what I remember) were both good.

I was surprised.”

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