Best compliment EVER

Someone awesome – related to my OT life – wrote me and said:

“Every time time I see you it reminds me of that Dr S[uess]'s “OH THE PLACES YOU WILL GO””

I sure hope so!! Watch out President Penny, you're GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The AOTA president is amazing, actually. She's really big into mental health and she is a very articulate and passionate speaker. I enjoyed seeing her talk last year at conference and have been impressed with her writing.  Plus she's working hard to make OT Connections a success! Among a million other things.

AOTA conference is in Houston TX this weekend. Since I got that 1,000 dollar scholarship recently I thought about splurging to go to conference, but I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and am booked Friday/Saturday. Oh well, maybe next year!!!!!!!
I can't wait to hear all about AOTA conference!!

Hey, y'all pray for Lester the lion kitty. He's a mess! Feeding intervention has taken place successfully though witha downgrade in wet food status, he is now taking a lovely (and by lovely I mean revolting) puree.

More blog posts soon, still lots to put up before I'm caught up on life.

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