blast from 2006?

I stumbled across this from my first semester of OT school…..blast from the past, man

I’ve gotten more used to the cadaver lab – I’m still not thrilled with it and it really makes my back ache but I’ve gotten more confident in my ability to not ruin anything, and more used to the smell. This past week we cut open the rib cage and took out the heart. During the embalming process some of the blood gets congealed and stuck. There were huge, revolting “sticks” of blood stuck in the holes of the heart. Yuck. Plus our guy’s heart was covered in like a brown gravy. One table had a HUGE heart, it looked like it had barnacles on it and had been underwater for years!

I stay very busy. This upcoming week is going to be a nightmare. We had a delayed start on Thursday and a full snow day on Friday, but we can’t absorb the loss. Somehow they have to figure out a way to add in 10 hours of class to our already completely booked schedule over the next few months. This week., we have our first officer meeting, our first class meeting, and our first faculty meeting. Plus two anatomy quizzes, tons of reading for other classes, AND WORST OF ALL, I have two group presentations and two papers both due on Thursday. One is a developmental profile on the age segment 10 months to 12 months, a presentation and handout, due with one other girl. The other is an activity analysis and craft project with four other students. We are doing “Mexican Metal Tooling” and it involves a Powerpoint, a presentation, and then teaching the class the craft and doing it. Oh yeah, and the huge activity analysis paper where we look at task analysis, task adaptation, performance areas it works on, etc, all guided by the ubiquitous Practice Framework. We have the entire two hours ourselves. Scary, huh.

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