Blast from the past…

I was reading some old emails from 2009 and found some personal e-mails with a good friend/mentor of mine…from my first few months as an OT. Wow, I had a lot to review/learn about on a daily basis back then. Gotta pull up more from those archives to share for all you peeps who don't care about school based or peds OT 🙂

things good overall, i had my car accident patient this morning and we did some belly dancing 🙂  next in an hour i have my post polio syndrome lady, then a hand eval of someone with trigger finger/UCL repair, then my young kid with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. augh. lots of learning.”
Today I rested, went to Piloxing (a Pilates boxing combo), ended up with so much sweat on me I looked like I had just gotten out of a shower. Sexy, I know. TMI? Sorry. Moving on. Then went to a small independent hardware store and chatted with them about partnering up some ….Like I wish I could go find a San Diego area Boy Scouts troop or high school work shop or something that wanted to do some very simple, cheap projects for me that I could use with my special ed kids…Like the PVC pipe stuff, nuts and bolts in wood, washers and dowels, etc etc, maybe make some T-stools….etc etc. I would be willing to pay for the cheap supplies if someone else would just do the volunteer easy labor. None of it's rocket science, but when it comes to that area, my IQ is negative five thousand. Like I envision a grandpa doing this with his grandson or something….Win win. Easier said than done to find this scenario. 
ANYWAY I am getting off track. Then I started thinking about what i want for my birthday  – I TURN THIRTY!!!!!!! along with my twin sister of course, on October 21st. 🙂 AUGHHHHH. And then I forget why I ever started writing this post. Oh well. The point is….I have no point, besides that I'm turning super old. I guess part of turning super old is forgetting my points. So look, I'm advanced at this aging business.
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