Well, my personal space has been violated repeatedly the last few days…sexually inappropriate behavior is a relatively common issue among older patients with dementia – it's one reason someone might end up in a psychiatric ward. I got my butt fondled recently and I've had to stave off a lot of kisses.

I've discovered that one good/bad thing about coming off really “lax” and not demanding things get done (instead just suggesting…more flies with honey than vinegar or whatever….a luxury the techs don't always have), is that I can build up friendships with them and be more of a “good guy”…so that when that person gets angry, I am more likely to be able to calm them down by being the “friend” they recognize…that's good. The bad part is, when a patient is repeatedly upset, it makes it hard to get my productivity units because I'm helping re-direct.

I've realized that while I'm not brave per se, I do stand up for patient safety at risk to myself. Two patients got upset recently and even though it looked like a blow might be imminent, I stepped in between them. Remember this is a geriatric ward so it's not as dangerous as say, two healthy strapping men about to fight.

The chaplain came in after rec therapy today and was singing to them. She was about to leave when I came in (because she isn't supposed to interfere with my time slot although I always give her extra time in my slot since I think her presence is important), and I asked her to play a little piano music for us, because I've heard her practicing in the chapel before. I think it really meant a lot to her! She ended up asking if she could stay a few minutes for my session…I said of course. There were also two nursing students in the room and a tech, so I had more non-patients than patients in there. Plus most of the patients in there weren't mine – only two of them were mine so really it wasn't worth it, productivity wise, to hold group, but since it's been a while since I've done group, I went ahead. It was on discharge planning/leisure activities. Now that I think about it there was 9 people in the room and only 2 of them were mine. AHAHAHAHA. I always make staff members, nursing students, janitors, whatever, answer questions, same as everyone else, if they enter the day room during group. Not like the entire time, just will ask them the current question to answer quickly as they come in/out….ie “what's your favorite type of exercise?” Some of the aides are particularly good about giving nice thoughtful answers with a good explanation.

Today some patients were playing with a blown up glove as a balloon, and it popped. I tried to blow up a new glove and I failed miserably, it looked like some one's hand had swelled badly instead of being a big ball. My lungs couldn't handle it.  I asked the people in the small nursing station and the social worker saved the day, blowing up a beautiful glove ball for us, LOL. 

I feel like this is a really really stupid boring blog post today. I don't have anything too exciting to share. Giving showers, evaluations, cognitive assessments, re-directing aggressive or sexually inappropriate behavior, blah blah blah….same old stuff right now. The coolest or most interesting stuff I can't share because it's too specific, HIPAA wise.

Oh, and insurance is evil. I hate to see patients leave who are SO NOT READY just because of their crappy insurance 🙁

I had my ballroom dance yesterday….getting better at foxtrot, waltz, rumba, push-pull swing…I have my final private lesson tomorrow and then a “dance check” on Thursday

Wow my cat just flipped out.I think he had a nightmare. Poor Lester.

This afternoon I was writing a list of assessments I might try on the new patient and it was MMSE, ADM, LACLS, GDS, SLUMS, CPT, MADRS, etc….and I was like hmm no wonder my non-OT readers are recently always complaining that I use too many acronyms!! I'm trying to do better on the acronym front for my non OTers.

I'm re-reading this and I sound like a snobby do-gooder who thinks she is oh so perfect. I totally have a bazillion flaws and do lots of things poorly and at times cause more problems than solutions, as is a students perogative, haha. I just prefer to focus on the good stuff I guess, so I can get through the next – and final –  month with my sanity at least partially intact. 🙂 I guess I should start working on professional development evaluation due next month….

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