Blogging as a pre-OT student

Question Received:

I am a undergraduate college student completely in love with OT and

will be applying to MOT programs in the fall! Anyway, I found your

blog about a week ago and have been reading as much as possible ever

since! I started from the beginning so I’m still not caught up, but so

far I have loved your enthusiasm and all the great information on your

blog. Thank you so much! It is very encouraging to hear your passion

for OT and the joy you obviously feel practicing it.

Reading your blog has made me seriously consider starting an

OT-related blog of my own. Starting from right now, talking about

things to do to prepare for OT school or issues that pre-OT/healthcare

people in general should be interested in. I know I’ve stumbled across

quite a few of these type blogs for pre-Med students, but I haven’t

seen nearly as many for pre-OT students. I guess my main questions for

you are: do you think there is still a need for more OT blogs on the

internet? if so, do you think I would have anything to contribute to

that as an over-enthusiastic, over-achieving pre-Ot student? and do

you have any general blog-writing advice or medical blog writing

advice (what info people seem most interested in, how to avoid

breaking hippa laws, how to avoid plagiarism on a blog, etc.)?

Sorry if that’s a lot! I know from reading your blog you are probably

busy with OT things and already bogged down in unread emails 🙂 Even

if you are too busy to reply, I hope you will at least read this and

know how much you’ve inspired me and helped to remind me of why I

started on this OT career path in the first place.

Thank you so much!


There is at least two pre-OT blogs that I know about, LOL. I guess that’s it. And I think there is ALWAYS room for another OT blog as long as it’s because you have passion. Every personality is different and all the things you write about and reflect on will be different from other people, since we are all unique. So you will have different viewpoints. The key is that it has to be something you want to do! Just be careful not to use identifying information about people, and write what YOU care about – at first you will be talking to a wall as it will take a while before people can find your blog on search engines, but as you write more and more, you will get more readers.

Addition: I think the two pre-OT blogs I know about are Emma Jasmin Spink (spelling?) and Im’ma make OT?

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