So I got down to ZERO new emails out of 290 old mails, those old mails being abut 95% blog related in some form ie emails from blog readers, comments, things I need (ok, want) to blog about, etc. I started today with about 340 new out of 1,200, so that's a pretty big achievement for the day. 

Tomorrow's goal is to get through that 290 mails that require action of some sort, and get caught up on all blogging beyond the few things that have to wait till I am back in CA for. I plan to respond to comments I haven't responded to, for one thing, as well as many of the blogging question emails, and in all honesty, to write up about 40+ blog posts tomorrow, but will mostly schedule them to go out once or twice a day so it's not such a “blogging blizzard”. It ranges from videos on a poker star named Adrienne who is also an OT, to guest posts, to personal posts, to product reviews, to FAQ, pictures, videos, so pretty diverse. I also plan to update my blog roll with all the new OT blogs I've learned about recently, etc etc.
The reason I am doing so much computer work this week is that I am visiting a friend in Alabama who works full-time, she lives somewhere where you can't walk easily to anywhere, and I don't have a car, so I specifically decided I'd use this stranded week to get my computer life back in order. This weekend I go to Memphis to see some babies of my OT friends and some old friends, and then I head home to deal with real world OT stuff including organizing toys, preparing OT documents, etc etc. Plus, of course, lots of beach time, Pilates, seeing friends….
Anyway….it's been summer and vacation time so my blogging has been quite remiss, but barring unforeseen circumstances, starting tomorrow there will be a daily blog for many months to come. 🙂 Remember that although I am slow, I do LOOOOOVE comments as all bloggers are rather narcissistic, 
 it helps me want to keep blogging! Proud to say I've hit over 300,000 page views now even if it did take me 5 years of blogging and over 1600 posts, lol.
Oh, and I'm officially presenting (I think???) with my same social media crowd as last time, in next year's AOTA conference as well, in San Diego. Where I live. And I am going to hold an OT party at my house at that time. So, you all need to come to AOTA conference and let me know you are coming. 🙂 This includes OT students!! 
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