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A new OT blog for us to benefit from, here is a paragraph bio excerpt:
a little background would be nice…I am 24 years old, a first year OT student (yeh class of 2010) for the entry level masters program in california. Maybe writting and watching olympics wasn't a good idea, totally distracted. Anyway, I graduated in Biopsychology last year, and took a year of before going back to school. that decision was due to many reason: money (mainly), nervousness, doubts…..Finally applied for MOT program and yeh got in. I really can't say that I'm an expert in occupational therapy, as I just learned about it last year; however, I can be sure that it is the profession for me becasue it combines all of my passions: biology, psychology, most importantly helping people. I mean come on what other field helps a person to do what they really really love. I really hadn't come across any other field that was so powerfull that it affects everything in a one's life….from getting up to performing ADL's and to doing things that one loves. I am really really exicited to start my program and learn about this great (sadly…not really familar to many) profession.

The reason I started blogging was to record my experiences about OT student. One day, I hope I can go back and look at my acheivements, failures (or as my inner self calls it unexpected achievements), life in general so I improve improve and improve….

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