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Went from 104 to 38 mails to deal with..a lot of it is blog-related…gonna do a single post involving all computer-related events….


1) AOTA hired a Social Media Manager dude named Sam….he recently contacted me….we chatted on AIM, at which time he promptly ran away screaming at my excessive level of Internet energy. He’s been working hard getting set up or “remodeling” AOTA’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AIM, you name it…and in fact, if you go to, one of his “favorites” videos is an ACLS assessment video I made of Kerri and Allison…we love you Sam!!!

Also youtube wise…I continue to get comments on some of the OT videos…most recently was one on the ALCS video saying wonderful job…..and one on Anna’s Pediatric Treatment that praised its creativity…search for OTStudentKaren on YouTube….haven’t posted anything besides the Miss OTPF pageant in a while.

Janine left a comment in my OT toolbox video that was quite interesting……”Every good OT should know about this special (computer)
keyboard (called: Lucy) I have cp myself and made a video about it. I
operate with a laser mounted on my glasses, I’m able to do so very much
because of Lucy. I’d like to let as many people as possible know about
it, so more people can benefit from this great keyboard. And maybe you
have one patient who might be able to use Lucy. As I always say: If you
can’t use your hands, be smart, use your head!”


My state OT Association Listserv is going through some pain right now…a lot of OTs don’t know how to use stservs properly (and don’t read the instructions) and so there has been all sorts of e-mails sent to the group instead of to an individual…which leads to everyone responding to the group asking to be unsubscribed…which leads to more angry e-mails…which leads to chaos…and me laughing…because nothing makes me laugh more than a self righteous email saying “Everyone abuses this listserv and doesn’t use it right and unsubscribe me right away…” and yet they send it to the group instead of the clearly defined unsubscribe directions at the bottom of EVERY mail. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Wow I’m a bad person.

New blog… to me at least…
She is a second year Otago Polytech OT student..which is in New Zealand…..hello famed New Zealand OT blog pioneers…

Liberty just e-mailed me…like seconds ago…she starts an OT program in Oregon this August and thanked me for blogging….we’ve talked in the past and she has a crazy three legged St. Bernard that she goes to places with to teach tolerance… and it’s so awesome… ( . She acted like I wouldn’t remember her and I am like YOU HAVE A THREE LEGGED DOG OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU. She is so sweet.

Okay that’s it for technology related crap. Still got several other stuff to post….coming shortly. I want a cinnamon graham cracker.

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