Board copying the longest words in the English language :)

The other day I had four of my 3rd graders copy “supercalifrag….ocious” which is 34 letters long, off the board to practice changing their focus near and far and from vertical to horizontal. I used a crazy long word to make it silly and exciting.

I’ll probably occasionally use this list (between 27 and 45 letters) just so the kids have bragging rights of copying off the longest words in the dictionary, but I also like to have them copy names of things they like. One of my kids loves Pokemon and he knows when he sees me on a certain day of the week he can bring his Pokemon book and I’ll use Pokemon characters as his board copying words. 🙂

Updated with a picture: The longest word in the dictionary is seen below, “pneumonoultramicrosilicovolcanoconiosis” which one of my 2nd graders did the other day! I think it’s 84 letters…

Jan 04, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3