Boo, this Sunday is no fun

Wooie, you know you are sleep-deprived when you can take a 3 hour nap, then go to bed at 10pm, sleep 10 hours, and you are still tired. But I got up because I HAVE to study Frames of References for a few hours before I meet up with a friend to study it. (Kinda like cleaning the house before the maid comes? AHAHHAA)

I also just had this bad nightmare of watching a plane crash in the canyon of my CA house, I climbed through the canyon to help and then couldn’t find my way back to MY house…I kept wandering around and was lost (after all the victims had been carted so there was no one there anymore). Then the thought occurred to me that maybe I was dead, hurt when trying to help or something, and I was going to wander around forever, trying to find my home and my family.

Wasn’t that cheery? I used to dream of tsunamis and plane crashes all the time, but this is the first dream like that I’ve had in a long time.

Ok, gonna go study for a few hours, then meet Virginia to study more, then meeting a non-OT friend, then possibly studying with Brooke if she heads this way after she gets off work at 8pm, it’s up in the air. I’ve already done most of my Group protocol and studied for Research Project Design – Qualitative Studies – so it’s all Frames of Reference now. And dishes. And cleaning. ::cries:: This is a stupid stupid Sunday.

Now I have to go study since I finished my cereal. Bye everyone, pray for me…keep reading below and tell me what you suggest for geriatric medicine management, Patti and Mamachill have already added in great comments.

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