Books for OT students yay….

These two books have been recommended to me via blog comments – I remember Patti telling me about an awesome book having to do with like a pumpkin or something, I sooo can't remember ….anybody else have some books they really recommend an OT student read? I know Cookie Gimp has some good books for me, I need to go dig those up. On my to do list for this afternoon. 🙂

“Pride and a Daily Marathon by Jonathan Cole ” – recommended by an Annony

“”the elephant in the playroom”….i picked it up at the library and it's a pretty interesting read. little short stories/anecdotes from parents who have kids with special needs (mostly on the autism spectrum or learning/speech delays) ” – recommended to me by the awesomest person in the world 🙂

Mar 21, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1