Breaking News Update: Dog gang terrorizing my neighborhood – OTS to the rescue

My landlord and his adorable golden doodle puppy which is black, go figure), were going to go for their walk, and invited me along. I declined and then saw three giant dogs run past the house (we were within the confines of a gated area). I said oh no!! Watch out for those strays. Well that dog gang proceeded to terrorize the neighborhood and taunt the golden doodle and it was really sad. My landlord thought maybe he would put the doggie in the truck and go elsewhere, but that would also require going out of the gate and risk terror. Then Karen, OTS, came to the rescue and said: NEVER FEAR! Back your truck up to the gate to minimize terrorage! It will all be okay! My landlord said: That's a good idea! I nodded as I wrapped my cloak around myself and flew into the sky, searching for my next consumer. It's a craft…it's a mod….it's SUPER OTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This is where, if I were a clever drawer, I'd have well, a clever drawing)

Just thought y'all would appreciate this breaking news update. Chow.

Feb 12, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1