Bridging Flexibility and Imagination through Board Game Creation with Highly Preferred Characters


I have a child who is not big on flexibility or imagination. I think he has a great imagination, but for whatever reason accessing it can cause him anxiety. So I took my Super Mario stuff and a corkboard and we started to develop a board game together. We used these random cardstock strips (reject paper) for the rough draft version and we used Super Mario stickers for different types of issues, plus Super Mario characters as game pieces, and we turned a “Snerdle” box (Snerdles are Super Mario candies you can get at Party City that come in a “Question” box and they are verrrry popular with my OT kiddos) into a dice by using post it notes. We were working on deciding which handwriting scenarios you did with with issues, ie maybe certain stickers/rolls would cause you to have to write a word super dark or super light etc as the point was it was a handwriting game. I felt like it was a nice bridge to encourage imaginative flexibility in a safe way.

Oct 16, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none