Busy busy busy IEP season for a school OT!

I gotta tell y’all, I am woorrrrrnnn out. I have been working all day, coming home, doing a few chores (ie shower, commute, fix lunch for next day), and otherwise pretty much working all night until midnight or, like Monday night, until 2 am. It’s IEP season in the schools so things are crazy! Seeing as how this is only my second week alone in this new job, I’m having to work hard to keep up with all the paperwork. But everyone I work with is phenomenal and supportive and it’s going to be okay. Don’t be freaked out by how much I work, I’m sure half of it is unnecessary, but it helps me feel more in control. I don’t work well under stress so having the day planned out helps. Of course things change (ie I discover a kid is on a field trip) but at least I have a skeleton in place. I just need to get used to how things work (and figure out how to better organize things). I need to invent a better OT cart to carry around – I got the foldable box one from Office Depot. Not impressed. And it’s not big enough either, haha. I haven’t searched online to see if they have any like hardcore OT rollies that are like double deckers. I would probably be willing to pay a lot of money for a really good one, I carry this sucker around nonstop and it’s about to die after only a few weeks.

I am going to try hard to do a picture post this weekend of a lot of the stuff I am using/carrying around with me. I tried to do a picture post the other night as I went through all my own personal K-4 papers of childhood, but Picasa misbehaved 🙁 Apparently I used to spell my name backwards, ie starting with the N, e, r, a, K. And look at me, I turned out okay (don’t comment)! So maybe my reversals kids will be alright too. 🙂

Okay so….now that I’ve done a brief update to say I AM REALLY CRAZY BUSY…I am really crazy busy and therefore really crazy to be blogging right now. I need to prep for tomorrow! Starting…NOW!

Apr 28, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1