Buttermilk the baby dwarf goat is a little rambunctious with her friends :)

Let’s see if this works! 
If it doesn’t, google Buttermilk the dwarf goat friends, and you will get something that should leave you laughing out loud. It’s only one minute long. 🙂
Essentially it’s this tiny goat who is MUCH more active – hyperactive – than her little goat peers. She occasionally uses their bodies as props to jump off of, knocking them down. You see them patiently get back up as she scampers away, oblivious.
This little goat is absolutely adorably rambunctious and fun. She APPEARS (trying not to anthropomorphize or whatever the word is, too much here) to be filled with joy. Can you imagine trying to make this little goat stand quietly like the other goats? No. This goat’s engine is running high, and she needs to find a way to use her energy. Granted, knocking over the other goats isn’t the best method, but it’s clear this little goat is different.
I see this adorable “goat” often, because children with hyperactivity stand out from their peers in a school setting. Rather than sitting still or quietly milling about, we see many of these children running around, clearly with their engine running at a different speed. Some of them DO bump into other children (who are hopefully patient) because they are less aware of their bodies and proximity to others and/or have a higher threshold for bumps tolerance! Can we just tell these kids to sit down and be quiet? No. The challenge is finding ways to calm them down in a healthy way so they can focus on learning, while understanding their engine levels naturally run higher than the others, AND while ensuring we don’t break their wonderfully rambunctious spirit. I’m sure grammaticians (new word?) are rolling in their graves at this awkward paragraph. AHAHAHA
Anyway…I in NO WAY, shape or form, mean any offense…I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this little goat and her antics, it made me laugh out loud which, contrary to popular belief, is rather hard to do via Internet. 🙂 And it filled me with fondness for my OT kids! School started back TODAY! So I’m back at work. With a huge bag of “blog stuff”, quite literally, begging to be dealt with…Day by day. 
Hope you watch Buttermilk and laugh. 🙂 She made my week! 
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