Buying OT toys left and right….

Last week I went to the teacher store, Lakeshore for some pencil grips, and then also found some awesome Faber-Castell items at Barnes & Nobles, such as pre-school scissors, and jumbo crayons. This weekend I went to a gourmet cooking store and bought some cute crocodile tongs for kids, then to the pet store to buy small tennis balls, to make tennis ball heads using the smaller tennis balls for smaller hands. 🙂 I also bought some straws and an ice cream scooper for like, 25 cents, since you can never have too many straws for kids, lol. Blowing and sucking cotton balls etc! Also I bought some bamboo skewers to stick in styrofoam to make bead patterns on….actually now that I think about it the skewers may be too thick for my little beads. We'll see.

My room is filled with sooo many toys, it is unbelievable, considering I am a single female, not like a mom with fifty kids. 🙂 I love toys a little too much and am constantly on the lookout for new ones, although most of the time they end up being like from a dollar store, office supply, pet store, kitchen store, Target, etc. Rarely are they true OT toys but I turn them into some. Like I am going to go raid my kitchen to see if I can find a melon ball scoopy thing, to use for collecting marbles…I also need a bottle and a spoon for a similar task, scooping marbles with the spoon and placing into the bottle….

I've discovered kids LOVE pushpins, and so if you can supervise them/trust them, just about anything you can dream of with pushpins will work. I've been using my new pushpin game I made this last week where the kids write out whatever letter they land on 3x, and they've been engaged for the entire activity, even though I would have thought they'd get bored of it halfway through.

My goal for tonight….well I have many goals for tonight, but one big one is making an eval cheat sheet which I should have done a long time ago. I have ten evals to get through in the next few months so I need to figure out a way to do them more efficiently without losing any data!

I have seen comments requesting a day in the life of a school OT….I'll have to think about that one! Sorry I have been such a blog neglecter lately. I don't even have the excuse of being too busy, just distracted by other things! I really enjoy my blog though so need to keep it up. Oddly enough even with the neglect i've gotten quite a few e-mails from readers with questions which I obviously need to respond to ASAP!

Alright that's it for now….I also have a review for Dycem and a review for Linda's daily living book to do sometime very soon! 🙂

Hope all y'all have a good week….I've got a combination of 30 day review meetings, treatments, and evaluations to get through this week! 🙂

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