by the way, sorry…lol

I just glanced through e-mail….I have a TON of comments and/or OT blog related e-mails to deal with….some with questions from prospective students, some from current OTs in mental health wanting to discuss some things, some from OT students with assessment questions/comments… I'm literally more than a month behind on dealing with a lot of those blog emails/comments…so please don't give up hope. I *ALWAYS* respond and it gives me hope and happiness to hear from people. 🙂

I think OTConnections is an AWESOME idea although I wish my blog would automatically show up over in my account instead of me having to copy paste! Boo! Because I'm lazy and hardly ever remember to do it!! But Penelope Moyers DID ask me to be her friend over there, so I feel special.  😉 I saw in a magazine today that singer Taylor Swift has like a million friends on MySpace. Maybe Penelope Moyers is going to be the Taylor Swift of OTConnections, befriending all! Smart move! Who doesn't love a message saying the president wants to be your friend! LOL

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