Calling all OTs in social media

Alright everyone, OT Practice has an article in the works (not written by me) that will be about social media & occupational therapy and how it is being used in practice. I've been asked the following questions and I am allowed to share them with you all, in case you want to respond with your own answers to any or all of the questions. I will be sending on any responses I get, to the OT Practice editor and SOME – MAYBE – could end up in the article in some form. Because of space issues, editing issues, etc, who knows what the final product will look like, so don't get your hopes up. But please, please, if this topic interests you, comment on this post and/or email me at karen.dobyns attttttttt! Remember since I moderate comments to deal with spam, your answers won't show up until I approve them, but that's usually daily 🙂 Oh and PS – if you do comment, you either need to leave ur e-mail address or email it to me, so that I can contact you if necessary. THANKS for any input y'all provide. 🙂 Answers are due by December 1st, 2010.


How do you use social media in your practice of OT?

Do you think social media is a good thing for the profession? Why or why not?

What benefits has social media had for you as an OT? If you can provide an example of
how social media has helped you, please do!

What drawbacks has it had? If you can provide an example here, please do!

For someone just getting started using social media as part of their career as an OT, what
advice would you give them?

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