Celia – play therapy – my reason for being in OT school

This is Celia. I did (informal) play therapy with her for years, multiple times a week – she is why I am now in OT school. I love her so much. She moved away 1.5 years ago. She was probably 7 or 8ish in this video. She was talking to me about her “friend” (actually an adult) named LisaJo who she really has fun with, and how “she wished to the lord” she could play with her. I thought that was so cute and pulled out my camera – trying to prompt her to kind of repeat the story. She had a tendency to always try and run to the camera to see so I had to be careful. She has developmental delay, hypotonia, apraxia, etc. Notice her “high guard” – the way she holds her hands when moving. Also note the way she shakes her head, the way she holds her fingers, the way she interacts with me, how she is distracted, and how the phrases she speak seem to come from sources other than her own creation.

I ADORE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is one of my favorite people in the world and I really miss her.

She can be hard to understand for people who don’t know her so I transcribed her parts.

Celia: Lisa Jo is so nice…Lisa Jo is so nice and so pretty. I wish that Lisa Jo could take us out… On a date. ..to the ball….my ???? ……Lisa Jo is going to wear a kimono….

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