challenges galore as new OT :)

Today was inventory day and it sucked a lot of monkeys! It was harder than I would have guessed, so sweet teas and a small cookies n cream milkshake that spawned 3 baby milkshakes (split with my two co-workers) made things go a little easier. We had to figure out all sorts of wound care items, splinting items, office supplies, etc! Soo tedious.

I can't remember if I posted about fitting for custom garments….a lot of measurements, I was very fatigued by end of it! I need to brush up on paraplegia and visual impairments, my next two challenges to accompany burns and my fibro/arthritis/other issues person. 🙂 I'm enjoying the challenges but at the same time I wish I had another OT by my side making sure I was doing things correctly! I don't know why in the world (or okay, I do know why but I was wrong) I thought it would be a good idea as a new grad to go off and be the sole outpatient OT within an entire community. I have some good resources but still, as a new grad, you ideally really need to end up somewhere where you have some ON SITE mentorship more or less all the time.

I think I'm doing a pretty good job overall, I try very hard to provide patients with best possible care, but still….I don't always know what I don't know, ya know what I'm sayin' yo? 😉

I take a modalities course this weekend so hopefully soon I will FINALLY be certified in modalities! I'm looking forward to the certification but not so much the weekend of class! I've been completing online modules. It's through PAMPCA and seems pretty cool. One of my co-workrs used them. Time for bed – good night!!

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