Check up on "Mobility and the Quadriplegic Child" over at Ryn Tales…great post

Ryn over at Ryn Tales has a beautiful daughter, Ellie, who has CP. They just took her on a trip abroad and it was quite difficult to manage. She wrote a great post titled “Mobility and the Quadriplegic Child” with a lot of great comments/questions.
Here is an excerpt from her post:

Please check it out.

We have also heard that if you bring a person on board in their wheelchair they are expected to stay in it the entire trip. God I hope that is not true as Ellie would need to stretch out after a short time sitting. If anyone in a wheelchair is reading this and has flow – please, I beg you, tell me how it works. Do you wheel on, get into your seat and then someone takes your chair? Do they leave it on the plane near you or do they check it below? What if you can’t ambulate, how do you go to the bathroom? Simple questions and I am so not joking because I need some perspective on how to transition from traveling with little baby Ellie to little long legged girl Ellie who will rapidly turn into teenage Ellie and so on if we are blessed.

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