My friend Sher asked me about a nursing necklace the other day, and then I stumbled across this in my RSS feed, this is a mom who has a beautiful little girl with Rett’s. This chewelry looks awesome. Maybe it would make a good nursing necklace.

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e will of course start with Chewlry!!! I am in love with these stretchy
plastic things! When I was in Chicago, I saw a girl chewing on a
necklace, and I asked the dad to tell me all about it! They are called
Chewlry. So that night Kelly (Brooklyn’s mom and fellow Internet junky)
and I looked it up on line. We found where they could be purchased, and
I went home prepared!! Well, I finally got around to looking it up
again a couple weeks ago. I of course had to get the mega chewlry
because it said it was stronger! (well, they are also bigger and that
is why it is twisted) The whole point was to give Caitlyn something to
chew on other that her shirt. Let me tell you, this plastic necklace
does so much more than that! We have 7 colors-blue, purple, green, red,
orange, yellow and white. They haven’t totally replaced the hand
chewing, but they have helped. What they have done, is changed her hand
pattern. She doesn’t chew on her shirts (but darn it they are still wet
a little because the necklace gets wet) and probably the big thing is
the fact that she has almost completely eliminated the “crotch grab”
from her hand patterns. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this, but
there are days when she constantly looked as though she had wet herself
because she would suck on her hands and then grab herself! (not a “i
need to go potty” grab…that is a single finger point…this was a
full on grab) These necklaces are a wonderful thing!!! And so worth the
outrageous price I paid for them! And, no matter what color Caitlyn is
wearing, she always gets to choose the color of her necklace…she wore
orange one day with a brown shirt…

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