Chicken Soup for the Occupational Therapy Soul

I'm mad at Deborah R. Labovitz, because she already wrote a book about stuff *I* wanted to write one day, called “Ordinary Miracles: True Stories About Overcoming Obstacles and Surviving Catastrophes”  and all having an occupational therapist contributing to the miracles in some way, small or big! It's kinda like Chicken Soup for the Occupational Therapy Soul.

I plan to bring it with me on the plane to Pittsburgh, PA this weekend…I'm looking forward to reading it

And now it is 720am and I need to go finish getting ready!! AUGH!

PS: I found out through my stat counter that if you just type in “augh”, my site will eventually come up! I guess I say it too much!

Nov 15, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2