Clients & body fluids

I’ve decided it is time to become more coherent! I’m going to stop with the AUGH posts for a while before I scare away incoming or prospective OT students! Just remember, OT school is amazing and so is the profession!

This weekend I’ve organized my house, organized my papers, organized my e-mails, done errands…well at least did some work in each of those four categories. I also got to play Four-Square today (long story!).

I was going to write about handwriting tonight, and I also am dying to do a post on cheap OT tools, but priority-wise, I’ve run out of blogging time for the night, and I wanted to address an acute issue! So I guess handwriting/cheap tools will be tomorrow.

Check it out here, I updated one of my old blog posts with the problem – it has to do with clients & body fluids.

Oct 29, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none