Completely random brambles that make heads explode

What I am working on:

Preparing Semester 3 PDEs (Professional Development Evaluations) with Intermediate Professional Behavior Criteria

Modifying my resume to be OT-related

Working on condensing the research paper into smaller poster-sized chunks, with my research group (Abstract, Intro done)

Preparing a 15 minute presentation on the healthcare policy ramifications of the Terri Schiavo case, and how it relates to occupational therapy.

Working on collaborative paper with an OTS dude on the East Coast for hopeful eventual publication in a baby OT magazine.

Uploading months of OT pictures to Facebook for people to use in their PDEs

Doing a low vision blog entry + like other entries I have neglected because I’m a bad, bad OT student.

Realistically, I should do the Low Vision Blog Entry, fix the Abstract/condense Intro of Sitting Tai Chi paper, start researching Terri Schiavo, and modifying my resume. I need to scratch a few things off my list in full tonight!! Hmm!! La la la….

Today I met a MOT 3 student, Mandi, for lunch to catch up…she is getting ready to take her boards. OTS Brooke and her boyfriend Todd showed up shortly after, so we sat at adjoining tables. Then we had a low vision lab from 1 to 3pm. Then instead of being productive or socially active, I slept for hours, showered, then drove to Kerri’s to cat-sit. Her cat was love-starved and I’m kitty-deprived so it’s a good match. I decided I’m feeling antisocial today so I didn’t try and meet up with anyone, especially since I’m trying to get things off my to do list!!!

Tomorrow we have a healthcare policy class 10am to noon, then several of us are going to take gym classes, then I have to go to sitting Tai Chi at the assisted living facility at 3pm. And then I volunteer there at Bingo at 630 so I’m going to go to that too. And then Kerri gets home 9pmish and I’ll spend the night just for fun! So tomorrow will be social. 🙂

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