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I'm WAY WAY WAY behind on this, but here is step 1….some compliments, thoughts and ideas from e-mail/comments over the last month that I have appreciated (I have more to put up but I grabbed these first). I also have a few to do on questions asked, websites recommended, etc…but figured I'd get this first one up tonight and try and get more done over next few days. I am determined to get everything off my blogging to do-list sometime soon since I have been putting it off for like half a year :X

One reason I share the comments/emails publicly is because I want to encourage other people to blog, and to show the kind of things you get as a blogger – praise, questions, ideas, help, thoughts…it's fun! I've just been so bad about responding/sharing in reasonable time!!


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I did some volunteeeeeeering with the British Red Cross. They are constantly looking for volunteers to work within medical loans. It's a great opportunity for OT's to gain experience interviewing clients and assessing what equipment they may need to help them with function. Give it a go.

Annie says: yay!!! congrats Karen!!
I look forward to your articles on prepping for boards and such!
Soon you'll need to change your blog name to OTR (B)e(LO)n(G)!!

Jules says: Just stumbled upon this blog by chance, but it's great and your experiences are similar to mine, currently a Rehab Assistant looking to start OT training later this year. I too love just hanging out with the patients, listening to their stories and having a laugh with them. Good luck with your studies I will be following your blog. Jules

Natupiano says: Keep belonging!
I loved to read about it.
Stuart,OT student Uganda


hayyy Karen! My name is Person Y and i just loooovvvvve your blogs! I also want to become an Occupational Therapist..only im just a freshman in college. I go to X College in Y State – they have a bs/ms program. I really want to get in..but everyone says its harrrrd. (i spoke to some OT students). i think i can do it though. 


o Yea i also wanted to say that when i read your blogs, i actually take note of some things that i think can help me when im an OT student…  soooo keep writing!


(Comment on a review I wrote about the book Ordinary Miracles)

Annie says: Hi I know it a long time since you posted that review- but I just found it, rather serendipitously & wanted to make a comment. Debbie saw it a pretty chicken soupy, too – but was thrilled at the idea of getting OT out there in any way she could- she later collaborated with a nursing colleague on a second version for nurse- published in 2008 I think. She was really quite an amazing woman- and for me a great mentor and colleague, literally saving my life. Sadly, after a struggle that lastesd 2 years beyond what docotors predicted, Debbie died of a brain tumor in 2006. Very best wishes too you in your new career- I hope you continue to raise a fuss- Debbie would love that!


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Hey! Your posts are so interesting. makes me think about the differences between OT in the UK and the UK. Over here we haven't got the “billable” item pressure (yet) which I believe allows therapists greater flexibility to engage in a way we feel is appropriate rather than have to worry about whether it can be charged for.

I also really like the bit about how you use your age to relate to the client group. A really positive example of “therapeutic use of self” when youth can sometimes be a barrier in practice (from the POV of patients wondering if you have enough experience etc)

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