Conclave shout-outs to my fellow OT peeps…I'm so 2000.

Multiple posts about Conclave coming up:

First…some shout-outs to fellow OT students I met at conference, in no particular order…..not that they will probably ever see this, but I can at least pretend to be popular, right? Seeing as how I DID give them an amazing business card with this blog address.

Carolyn from Madison, WI! Enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe and getting to know you! I forget your classmate’s name since she didn’t write it down but she rocked too!

Shannon from UAB – fun meeting you and your classmate Karen at the shuttle/airport!

Meghan D., Kim D., Erin H.,and all the other powerhouses at Wash U…sorry I am bad with names and can only remember people who wrote down their info! You guys are really impressive and fun! Thanks for having me along for the bizarre downtown experience!

Sarah C. and her classmates from Ohio State – you guys were really nice!

Finally, a shout-out to the cool NWA flight agents, and the coolest passenger ever, Denise….while we spent our 10 hours in the airport due to a delayed flight! Denise had a dead person on her flight one time! (I thought I was going to win best airline horror story but she did!!)

Okay…I’ve sifted through the contact info I I’m going to do a post with some tips I learned from various sessions.

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