Copying with Mario


I bought these Mario figurines off Amazon and they ended up coming from Hong Kong, I guess I got from from a seller. Anyway, they are extremely popular. We often use them in writing, for example Okay pick the first character you want to write about, let’s write one sentence about that one. Now the next one. Etc. In this case I used my Star Wars Paper (same rules as lava/worm/bees) to write his dictated sentences, and then he copied onto Handwriting Without Tears paper. In hindsight that was a complicated move to go from 3-lines to 2-lines like that, but he did it well. It wouldn’t work for most of my OT kiddos to do that though. It was just what I had available and what he chose to use that day. I do like that HWOT paper though for the spacing if nothing else. By the way, I know you see some violence (Yoshi punched my face), but as long as it’s not excessive I do sometimes allow that if the child is motivated by getting to write what they want. If they get too violent I don’t allow it, but an occasional punch or kick that doesn’t involve another person is usually okay with me.

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Oct 20, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none