crack + men = meaningful activity –> OT treatment activity?!

One of my classmates just experienced this on her acute OT rotation….

“I had a pt. today who had a crack induced stroke…her goal was to be able to put $$$ into a men’s g-string again! Hahahahahah…help me think of a good treatment activity for that one!”

Update: Several comments + suggestion from a not very helpful non-OT friend. LOL

Blogger Cheryl said…

One of my classmates had a rotation in an urban area doing hand therapy. One man’s goals were to be able to make a fist, and also to be able to fire a gun. She felt like she was doing a disservice to humanity by helping him get better!

Blogger Natan said…

Reminds me of this post of mine:

August 24, 2008 10:44 PM

*Natan’s post has several comments on it as well, and is startlingly similar.


IM that popped up:

EvilFriend(11:36:22 PM): an activity to help a patient learn how to put money in a g string might be light archery
Me(11:36:33 PM): huh?!
Me(11:36:35 PM): lololol
EvilFriend(11:36:39 PM): the stretching of the bow, the stretching of the g-string
Me(11:37:33 PM): oooh

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