So…today was non-stop busy at clinic…but sooooo crazy hectic even after clinic ended…i finally left around 7:15pm…my little 13 year old Patric called me right then to invite me to his family's house for a late dinner (but could not because of previous plans)…then right after that OT Virginia called to ask me a question, then chatted at that point on phone w/ OTS Kerri, then OTS Brooke, then OTS Allison, then friend Sarah, OT Supervisor Christy, friend Suzanne, within the next hour or so…with multiple call-backs since of course one would call while on phone with another, etc.

Went to Allison's dorm around 8pm to walk briefly on track just for some fresh air – she was in workout clothes and i was in full scrubs (don't hate me) – i was like hahaa people will think you're crazy and I'm your attendant –  and then we went inside to work on tommorrow's group she would be leading- which I'm gonna post -met another friend after that – while with friend at my house I got texts from Haley the speech aide about some stuff, plus Allison, then got a call from my little sib Talli and talked to her a really long time, etc. And of course was talking to a few other people online after that ….Just tons and tons of non-stop action –  finally was alone and/or off phone at like 1045pm – so had dinner around 11pm lol. Which was okay since I have no appetite when I'm busy! Not to mention I ate like seventy thousand candy pumpkins at Allison's. 😡

Which btw, dinner was that new parmesan crusted fish lean cuisine, and the box said “Remove film from where fish is” or wherever, but you know what, the damn fish takes up the entire tray, so I was like….um. So I kinda removed half the film. LOL.

So…that was phone calls and texts and visits starting at the end of clinic at 715pm…..not even mentioning all the phones/texts before that (I glance at texts when I can but don't take the phone calls of course), or all the personal emails I get in gmail daily – around 30+ personal ones a day (ie not mass mails, humors, or listservs, but purely aimed at me), or the blog comments, or the Facebook messages, or the AOL mails, etc…I think I really like overall that I finally have a lot of friends…to make up for those cruel cruel childhood days AHAHAHA – although wish I had more time to devote to everyone. Did I ever talk about my recent OT midterm and how apparently I sometimes come across as Asperger's – like? Based on some of the kids I see who are diagnosed with Aspergers, I probably, had it been a popular diagnosis back then like it is now, would have had that diagnosis. I dunno.

Somebody asked me today how my friends feel about all the time I devote to Lester the Lion Kitty….and the answer is…well….A) if you were a tiny creature that lived on the floor in my house I'd probably give you more attention and B) I am gone 12+ hours daily so he really doesn't see me that much!!

I feel like I'm missing some crucial elements…let's see…I want to respond to some important e-mails asap, but I guess that is otherwise it…beyond posting Allison's group protocol with her permission…oh…and mentioning two other random things

1) My social community article is going to be published – barring unforeseen circumstances – as a small “In the Clinic” article in the November 3rd issue of OT Practice…just heard back from editor. The first feature that was available wasn't until late June and since the topic is extremely dated, that would have been way too long a wait.

2) Highlights magazine has some great indirect ideas…like they have a “Creatures Never Before Seen” column…I showed it to a kid today and tried to get him to come up with his own creature…we brainstormed a little but ultimately moved on as it wasn't his thing…I think – I know –  he struggles with creativity…but I have some other kids I definitely want to do it with – what's cool is the child could do the creative drawing and dictate or write out the explanation, and then we could submit it to Highlights…whether they use it or not, it's a great meaningful activity and can work on a lot of different skills, from ideation to handwriting to attention span, etc. 🙂

Ok…I've been feeling pretty wired after going nonstop without a single pause all day long but I have finished my therapeutic blogging so I guess I'm ready to do some email responding and go to bed.

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