Critical comments…ouchful yet necessary on my OT journey!!

Part of the fun of having a blog is all the sweet comments. Part of the yuckiness is the critical comments – some deserved, some not. I choose whether to allow comments and sometimes its tempting to not allow people to see the ones criticizing me, but I also think it's really important to grow from the criticism and share the struggle/journey with readers.

 In this case, one of my blog readers Anita wrote a very thoughtful comment on a recent post criticizing some of the way I present information and it was very valid, although for some of it I do have legitimate reasons and/or things get misunderstood, I think……

I reallllly want to write a long blog post explaining but as it is I'm getting ready for work so no time. But this weekend, get prepared for an evidence based practice vs anecdotal vs experience vs student/practitioner vs blog, kinda post! Who knows, I may actually use proper grammar, so get excited. So go read her comment, think about it, and come back soon for a discussion. If you do agree with Anita and want to join on the criticism bandwagon, please maybe wait until my next post, as if I get a whole ton of posts telling me I suck I'm going to be really sad! Not that Anita said I suck and she also said I didn't have to post it – I REALLY appreciate her comments so I can think about it and grow.

Now I better get to work!!

May 21, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2