Day 3 of 2nd rotation – Level II OT student, physical dysfunction

I've seen the same man – who had a recent hip replacement – several times with different OTs – and he lies in such a way that his um, privates kind of peek out of his gown a little depending on the angle since his legs are open. When we finished seeing him today, leaving him back in bed per his request, the OT asked if he wanted a blanket or anything to cover up with. He replied “That's okay, I like to give shows”. And we all kind of laughed/brushed it off as a joke (including his wife) and we left, but I was thinking….I've seen your balls like fifty times now. You aren't kidding!!!

I know people lose their modesty in hospitals and that gowns are rather exposing, but I would almost *swear* this man really was doing it on purpose. It wasn't overt though so there really wasn't anything to do besides ignore it.

Other than that, today was pretty quiet. Got there at 8. My OT and I went through a bunch of paperwork together in the OT student manual. And my OT and I did two evaluations – I wrote up one with her supervision, she wrote up one – and then we treated one guy with a mild stroke and did a bunch of activities with him – and I observed two treatment sessions with the COTA. Got to leave around 330pm today. Went straight to Curves and ran into OTS Kerri there. She is doing her rotation in hand therapy. Then we ran into another friend. Fun! Then Kerri & I walked at Wolf River to get some fresh sunlight and air – very pretty  – and she made dinner for us all once her husband got home. I left a little before 8pm and I've just been chilling with Lester, decompressing- need to finish getting ready for tomorrow and then go to bed. Very tired.

I really like my supervisor and am learning a lot from her and don't feel nearly as intimidated overall – hopefully tomorrow will be a smooth day. I help run Bingo tomorrow night at an assisted living facility and have a few other plans but otherwise it shouldn't be too crazy of a day.

I hope all my classmates have had good starts to their new fieldworks…ok no more procrastination. Done with therapeutic blogging for the night.

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