Day 4 of Geriatric OT Mental Health Level II Fieldwork

Today I did the chart review and subsequent evaluation, MMSE, and ACLS! ON a man with severe dementia.I also wrote it all up. All by myself!  I also wrote up the 8 group notes (four people, 2 groups)…although my OT ran the groups. Tomorrow, I run the groups! Augh!!

I watched a cooking task this morning – a lady who had to make scrambled eggs – and it's a miracle she didn't burn herself, she was sooo unsafe. It was my OT's neuro patient, but she wanted me to watch because I could potentially bring patients down to the kitchen for cooking tasks.

I am very proud of myself because today I went and hung out with our four patients (about to be six) + some other random patients, in a big room, for a little while, before group…instead of cowering in the nurse's area.

The first group was on discharge planning/importance of support systems. The second group was on identifying leisure activities/why they are important.

I really like watching Margaret run groups because I learn a lot about dealing with problem behaviors. I tend to be too nice – doh.

I don't necessary feel like I've been thrown to the sharks, but at least the dolphins. It's only the end of week 1 and I've done two LACLS, like 5 MMSE, lots of chart reviews, and 1.25 evals, as well as written up at least 2 evals, several cog notes, and lots of group notes. I know it's my last rotation and I've already had 6 months, but it's a very different setting!
 I'm starting to finally grasp the paperwork and how the system runs – I have to understand the big picture and the step-by-step process, in order to be able to problem-solve.

My favorite quote of the day was when I asked the man with severe dementia why he was here, and he said “You tell me and then we'll both know!”

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