Day hasn't started as planned…gotta get crackalackin on OT work

I live in a box. I didn't know today was Groundhog's day. That little dude better bring us some good news or I'll beat him to a pulp.

Today's plans have been altered already. I ended up sleeping until noon instead of holding babies (I wasn't expected today, was just gonna go). The good news is, I feel refreshed for the first time in a while.

Plus, this little girl I've followed both in person and on her website at St. Jude for over three and a half years, died this morning. She's been on hospice over a month and I've been checking in on her website regularly. Her last few days have been pretty rough, and this morning I saw she had passed away, via the online journal her parents keep. I didn't cry, but I sat there and held my head and stared for a while. It really hurts. She was my favorite St. Jude baby and has been for years. She wouldn't have known who I was or anything, but it's hard anyways to learn the news a young child has died after suffering so long. This goes back to a previous post where I have talked about having to contain the heartbreak if I'm going to be able to work with these kids, both as a volunteer and/or future occupational therapist. Ouch. Especially when you think about the pain her family will be feeling for a long time to come. At least the little girl is finally free of pain. I like the way many St. Jude parents refer to death – they say their child is CURED and now has angel wings…and that they have life celebrations instead of funerals. My thoughts are with her family.

Now it's 1pm and I haven't done a thing. I am going to get up and get some work done for the next 3 hours or so I guess. If I get bored I'll write about some OT projects I mentioned last night.

PS: Anyone who wants to do my 2+ loads of laundry and a week's worth of dishes – I have no utensils left – will be my best friend forever. JUST KIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDING, don't offer.

Ok I'm tearing myself up out of my chair…good bye fun world…hello cruel chores.

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