Days of our OT Lives are Spinning Rapidly…

I've been working quite literally about 12-15 hours a day at least five days a week if not more, so um, to say it in an understated way, I AM SUPER SUPER STRESSED and EXHAUSTED…

But there is light at the end of the tunnel
A joke
Why are New Yorkers always so depressed?
Because they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's New Jersey
Anyway. I'm semi figuring out strategies to organize things. I perhaps, may or may not, mostly may and mostly for sure, have visited Staples tonight  (after getting to work at 720am and staying until 740pm with a 15 minute lunch) …..I still have some REALLY basic things I still need to do to make life easier, but things like different types colored plastic envelope thingies for each child I am currently evaluating or monitoring or having an IEP for within the next week or so, are coming in handy. Etc etc.
My friend Tonya of was approached to do a Pinterest OT course at an upcoming conference in Anaheim…Sometimes I get jealous of her awesomeness but she's been an OT roughly – quite literally – ten times longer than i have, so I guess I'll try to just remind myself that maybe I will approach her level of awesomeness in 20+ years 🙂 
I ordered 1,500 pages of my lava paper through a groupon with….I am excited about it. It was SO MUCH CHEAPER than how I normally do it, printing out colored copies little by little
I am about to go to bed and have a busy weekend ahead with a wedding, baby shower, baby cuddling at the hospital, a barbecue, etc so I need my beauty rest, but I wanted to briefly mention three things that amused me…
1) A first grade kid got super mad at me when his free choice time was up and it was time to transition back to class. I had filled out the laminated “First, Then” strip with “First, Angry Birds, Then, Class”….He took the strip and was beating it and messing with it in anger and when he finally left and I saw it, it said “First Angry Birds, Then Ass” because the C and L somehow got erased. This is a very innocent little guy so I think it was an accident but it made me laugh. 🙂
2) A little boy who has some serious challenges and has been quite the handful, did say to me today “I like the paint on your eyes” . It was adorable. I was wearing some pretty intense gold eyeliner today….But of course a few minutes later I enforced a playground rule and I was now a big fat stupid teacher…
3) I realized how much I approach things from the OT standpoint in life….Like if a kid jumps off a moving swing and is all proud I am like wow great job! But then I find out later that's against the rules. Or a kid will tell me or show me something cool, and then a teacher walks by and is like “Stop playing around and get back to work' and it always startles me. I see everything the children can do as either a physical gift (ie jumping off a swing) or a mental gift (ie having great imagination) and forget that maybe I should be enforcing rules….lolol
4) We had an OT meeting the other day and the three of us were all just sprawled out on the floor and I realized how “OT” that was……On our stomachs, or “criss cross apple sauce” aka the now politically incorrect Indian style, or on a ball or T stool or whatever…we accept it all, whatever our bodies need and feel like…And we definitely tend to be floor creatures. How many professional, even small group meetings, can you think of where everyone was on the floor? 
5) I can't count
Ok, delirious me is off to bed…
Giveaways to look forward to are Morphology Jr, PointScribe for the PC, and Shelby's Quest for the iPad, by the way…and other things, but first I need to get a little sleep and rest….work is kicking my butt. Luckily I STILL LOVE IT!
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