Disability/diversity/headed back home

I am WAY behind on deadline….working on part of a paper where I focus on disability as a form of diversity often overlooked when discussing increasing diversity in OT workforce as one of the biggies of the Centennial Vision…of all professions, OT should be the biggest in accomodating people with disabilities!! And bad spellers!!

If I can get that done tonight – I’ve done all the big scuttlework – then tomorrow I can focus more on next article, a biggie!!

Tonight is last night in Nashville – I head back to Memphis tomorrow for first time in 20 days. When I get in I will plan to focus on chores like groceries, unpacking, watering garden, going through 3 weeks of mail, prepping for chores/appointments for next few days, etc. And the article. Once those two things are done I am finally free to focus on studying and preparation for my upcoming pediatric rotation, starting June 30th in Mississipi. I will be working 9am to 7pm Mon-Thurs, augh! LOL. I checked out the place’s website and it looks like a cool place though. I’m excited. And I can wear scrubs!! Phew!!

Ummm…..I guess that’s all to share for right this moment. My eyes are crossing. Augh. Okay back to diversity!!

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