Diversity in OT!

Vocational Rehab today consisted of more basic cooking lessons (such as how to figure out that 1/4th cup and another 1/4th cup makes a 1/2 cup), with one student, exploring/demonstrating/discussing things like elastic shoe laces, reachers, and long-handled sponges, room management  [it's residential] and laundry management with another, and discussing telescopes and magnifiers and other low vision issues with another. Also did one session in inpatient rehab with debility involving a lot of standing balance needed for clothing management after toileting…

Right now I'm of course seeing patients in outpatient, inpatient, and vocational rehab, but also working on some well-elderly marketing programs (like arthritis prevention) for presenting at like senior centers, churches, assisted living facilities, etc, plus I am in charge more or less of OT month for my facility so I REALLY need to get hopping on that ASAP. I like the variety of OT….all different ages, all different issues, in many different spectrums, all in one day 🙂

Now what sucks is that it's almost midnight and I'm writing this instead of reviewing modalities, since I am taking a modalities course ALL WEEKEND AUGH to get certified so I can finally do stuff like iontophoresis, e-stim, hot packs/cold packs, paraffin, etc, blah blah blah. 🙂

I commented on a Facebook status today of a girl who befriended me because of the blog (a prospective OT student) and she responded about me being her blogging hero….I thought that was hilarious and I was like I need to go blog!! Meredith is her name and she is sweet and I have no doubt she'll get into OT school.

Alright I'm stopping now. Back to reading about high voltage galvanic stimulation, boo!! Boring to learn [IMHO] but good to know/do 🙂

Mar 26, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2