Donning/doffing socks: miracles

Today I did a session with a pleasant older man who had just had a knee replacement surgery, two days prior. His knee had been bothering him for quite some time, so it had been a long time since he had been able to do things like put on his own socks. I showed him to long-sit on the side of the bed with his surgical leg, his non-surgical leg hanging off the bed. By externally rotating his surgical leg slightly and bending it, he was able to don/doff his own sock, for the first time, in many months. He commented that he didn't think he was going to be able to do it, and his family members present were all happy for him. It really made me happy! It was a big moment for me for this physical dysfunction rotation that I am struggling so much with – showing somebody how to do something in a new way that allows the person to feel a sense of accomplishment – wow. Very cool.

SO many other things I want to share – had my midterm today – got some feedback good and bad – did some interesting courtesy consults and had a lot of paperwork – but as always, I end up too tired. I'm always exhausted!

Today I went straight home from fieldwork, passed out for a while, met my friend Sarah for dinner, prepped for tomorrow, and now I want to go to bed instead of write!!

I got my OT Practice today and my article is in it – the one weird thing is that in the mini bio it says my blog is the otinpublicschools blog, which it obviously isn't. I'm not sure how that got put in there. And the very last line acknowledging Merrolee Penman for all her help, was cut off – it starts to thank her but ends abruptly. The editor told me it was fixed in the website version.

Other than that, I'm pleased with the editing/formatting etc…yay, that makes my third thing in OT Practice…

Ok, this weekend I need to finish up the essay portion of the AOTF scholarship, deal with all the financial stuff of the new checking and banking and credit card stuff I've gotten, have some social stuff, etc etc.

GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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