Don't be inappropriate. In other words, don't be like me…

I like to push buttons. Not mean ones, but startling ones. I don't want to see people get agitated or cringe. But I do like to watch people react to something odd said by a stranger. For example, when working as a play therapist, I was a big fan of doing silly things like trying to put socks on my hands, or a hat on my foot, in order to get a child to laugh, or grasp the concept that things that don't always have to be straight-forward or happen the same way each time. So I guess I am an adult play therapist, I like to remind strangers, and friends, that it is ok to play and have fun with the world.

But sometimes that comes across as inappropriate. And sometimes, or okay, frequently, I do say or do inappropriate things. Usually without thinking. Like I sometimes lack a social filter…my class thinks I'm pretty quirky. LOL. Since I volunteer at a local pediatric hospital, I used to always worry (ie when I had more patient contact) that I'd accidentally use a common phrase like “Couldn't you just die???” about something exciting or embarassing, to some kid with a terminal illness!!! Luckily I didn't.

However,  have heard of several real conversations to share that friends have told me about that I wanted to share with you all….obviously using fake names.

Bob, calling psychologist office: Hi, I'd like to make an appt with the psychologist.
Jane, receptionist: That's fine. Give me your info, billing, blah blah, appt time is made for Tuesday…blah blah blah
Jane again: Ok, so when you drop your money off tomorrow….
Bob: Do you mean Tuesday?
Jane, receptionist: Oh yes, I'm sorry. I must be going crazy.
Bob, patient: That's ok. I am too, obviously

Carol, wife of husband who attempted suicide by hanging, while at mental hospital with him.
Nurse reassuringly to Carol: Just hang in there!

So…this topic was brought up because it's important we all remember who we are talking to and in what situation, as OTs and OT students….that we try to retain information from the chart so we don't accidentally say things like the conversations above! I need to try and stop and think before I blurt out things. Probably many of us do.  But people need to try and silly up the world. It's too serious. Like wear green gobbly antenneas to work one day. I dunno. Don't do it if you are the CEO having meeting with a foreign CEO or anything, but hey, as a potential future pediatric OT, if I ever end up a manager (when flying pigs freeze in hell), I'll put “excessive silliness” in the job description!!

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