Don't cry for me Argentina/Occupational Therapy Students

Busy day!! Gone 8 to 6:30 and then been working pretty much since. Put up SEVEN albums on Facebook today too from all the occupational therapy student labs we've had lately! I'm quite the historian! If any of you want to be my friend on Facebook so you can see the ten bazillion pictures I take regularly of our labs, you can find me by typing my name (found in my e-mail address) into Facebook search.

Anyway, I write this quickly to inform you I don't think my brain can handle posting the promised labs tonight. I've stared at so many pictures and looked at so much text that I might explode if I do any more. And if I explode, I can never write the poignant vignettes of occupational therapy school again. I think you might begin to see my point now. My dull point.

So…tomorrow we have a media lab involving quilting (?), PLUS OMG HOW COULD I FORGET, IT IS BACKPACK AWARENESS DAY TOMORROW! IT IS LIKE THE BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR! OMG! So…pictures from that too I am sure. Okay so now I need to talk about AAC lab, Therapeutic Handling Lab, VALPAR (for Patti), and Backpack Awareness, and Sewing Media Lab. Phew, I'm behind already and it's only been a few days!

Occupational therapy school is still overwhelming but a TON of fun! The Therapeutic Handing Lab today was GREAT! I think I'm going to practice the sequence of getting someone from on their back to on their stomach, sitting, then side-sitting, then kneeling, then half-kneeling, then standing. And then make a mini video for educational purposes as well as eyeballey goodness.

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