Don't read this if you want to remain sane

I should be asleep right now!
But I'm not!

I'm too lazy to post any of the recent 180 pictures, mostly OT-related! Or talk about playing in our 5ish inches of rare snow! Or about our therapeutic media labs on soap making and picture frame making with actual rationale! But I do want to say I played a patient with moderate dementia and it was kind of awesome! My partner and I, as did everyone, took turns being the patient with the disability versus the OT, and I had OTS Patchez as my partner. When she was having the dementia and we cut up glycerin chunks and put them into a cup to microwave, she started to try and drink it because it looked like ice cubes! And I tried to put lavender scents as eye drops into my eyes! And we would both abruptly wonder off! Our professor felt we had a little too severe dementia to safely do the crafts and should have been milder. Oh well. It was neat seeing the kinds of things we might deal with as OTs, things you would never think of, like drinking glycerin!!

I had my first real Coke today in like, a year, so I am hyper, too bad it is 1230am!

This is Day 3 of being Cookieless, although I was sorely tempted!

This is also my little OT sib's birthday, Talli, who is awesome! And had cookies today at school I wanted so bad! Hence temptation! No freak cookie suicide attacks though!! 🙁

And OTS Kerri made me my lunch so I wouldn't just eat sugar!

And I'm scared of being killed by a gang due to the recent horrid murders here!

And that's really not a good thing to think about at midnight!

And tomorrow, if weather permits me to do so safely, I will be holding babies in the morning and hanging out with multiple people in a combination of study/play in the afternoon & evening!

And I will try to go to sleep now or at least read more of my newest book!

But wait!

And I still need to deal with lots of e-mail comments because I am a bad, bad person who has procrastinated!

And one of my professors told me today that my picture frame was schizophrenic-looking! ::cries:: I can't help it if I'm bad at crafts and basic skills! I have no visual memory or skills what so ever!

And when I admitted this fact, she asked me how I would be an OT, and I responded that I would work with BABIES so I would not need to do anything that involves such things! LOL…hmmm yeah right.
And the other day one of my professors asked me if I was okay because I looked like crap (especially my face) and I said yes, just tired, (we had our management final that day and I had gotten up early after having worked until midnight the night before) and then she asked again later and I was like YES, I just need to wear more makeup! LOL.

And now I really am going to bed!

Sorry I am so unprofessional tonight! Not that this is new!

But I'm a student and not some fancy dancy professor so HA, in ALL Y'ALL'S FACE!!!!!

My mom hates it when I say this on my blog but I am going to say it anyway – sorry mom cover your eyes – but I promise to be more coherent soon with actual OT-related posts. Like maybe tomorrow.

GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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