Best quote of the day:

Out-of-control child with ADHD, chiding another child (who had not done anything wrong): DON'T THROW THAT AT MY MOTHER'S HYSTERECTOMY!

This weekend was a little emotional/painful for me, LOL. I didn't do anything OT related or volunteer at all….had a lot of my mind. Saturday I was going to go do something but I did something weird and like, got Coke in the wrong pipe or something, and my tummy hurt for HOURS and HOURS and I thought I was going to DIE, and then Sunday I was just very much blah. I saw some friends this weekend and that's about it.

Today was off to a bad start as well as there was some timing miscommunication but it worked out overall. We had some chaos this morning though – I tried to have two kids together (one of the kids was done with the session and I just wanted to use him for the other for social interaction while he waited for his mom anyway), but I didn't structure it well. My OT then put two kids together and structured it well and I watched and learned a lot.

We also saw a one year old baby that is blind that lives out in the middle of nowhere, and saw our typical baby that is deaf and blind, and then there were two evals  + three other kids…all at the new clinic or in that area. Growing really big really fast.

I got home, napped, and then walked with OT Allison for a while on the track….now I'm burning CDs while my hair dries and did about 70% of my kitchen cleaning, LOL. I'm not really feeling the whole therapeutic blogging thing tonight – just not in the best of places – tired, a little stressed, a little worried because I think I might have angered my OT but not sure why, and just in general, not feeling perky. I'm supposedly helping Allison write out her group protocol via online AIM but she doesn't seem to need my help that much! LOL

A(9:40:28 PM): I'm writing up one of my group protocols out…
K(9:40:34 PM): ok, im here for ya
A(9:40:37 PM): and I actually pulled out the group book 😡
A(9:40:46 PM): oh.. a karen face! I tried!!
K(9:40:48 PM): oh lordie im telling the world
K(9:40:50 PM): YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
K(9:40:51 PM): 😡
K(9:41:37 PM): hey i need to let you borrow out of sync child has fun book i bet you could adapt one of their activities to be for a group
K(9:41:42 PM): and/or use in presentation to teachers
A(9:42:12 PM): yay!!  Bring it over tomorrow if you remember!
A(9:42:27 PM): I'll text ya… or I can get it sometime this week..
K(9:42:48 PM): i just pulled it out and put it by front door
K(9:43:22 PM): boo in like 5 minutes my timer is gonna go off saying clean dishes ::cries:::
A(9:43:38 PM): oh no.. not the timer!!


And now for an IM of delusional proportions from my fellow New Jersey OT student friend, goodness gracious nooo:

Patti(10:17:38 PM): i can't wait to go back to school.
K(10:18:22 PM): why?
Patti (10:18:28 PM): i miss it
Patti(10:18:37 PM): the people, the pressure, the routine.

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