Doot doot doot…work application, graduation, exams….the real world beckons. GO AWAY REAL WORLD I AM SCARED OF YOU…

Oh come on. Nobody thought my jail cover letter was amusing? Apparently I'm only funny to myself. No real surprise there….

I am in contact with an OT student named Kuma & some of his classmates. We collaborated on an article on diversity (including people with disabilities being a form of diversity often overlooked and how we need to recruit more ppl with disabilities as OTs) a long time ago, and it's finally ready for submission to OT Practice. Kuma offered to have me submit it as I am used to it by now so I know what to do (3 times now) but I told him I wanted him to do it because it's a thrill to submit your own manuscript and I wanted him to have that bragging right. I sent him the link and gave him some basic tips and told him I'd do it if he gets overwhelmed. But I hope he does it for that great feeling of accomplishment!!

I went working out with my OT classmate Virginia this morning…have been talking about the OT practice article with Kuma, and now it's time to work on my updated resume, my hospital application, perhaps my taxes, and some graduation stuff. Borrrrrring. But somewhat exciting too.

Yesterday I took my friend Sarah out for a birthday dinner – we had Muddy's cupcakes for dessert and I threatened her bodily harm if anything happened to the cupcakes. Before that I hung out with Virginia – we had lunch, talked about geriatric mental health & specifically proper assessments, evaluation tools, and group topics, in preparation for her upcoming job, and played Frisbee!! And studied a tiny tiny bit for the NBCOT exam. We will probably take it at the end of May. I also hung out with classmate Kerri & her husband some too. So yesterday was a pretty good day.

Okay I'm procrastinating because I don't want to work on all my errands. I better start.

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