DTVP-2 work :)

One of my little guys working on the DTVP-2 for an initial OT evaluation….he can’t lift his hand up once he starts and can start either way. We need to work on his grip! At least he is stabilizing!

The Developmental Test of Visual Perception-2 has 8 parts to it. Four of them are visual motor, and four of them are visual perceptual. You alternate, so Test 1, 3, 5, and 7 involve a pencil and a paper booklet while 2, 4, 6, and 8 are from a book and the child just points. It includes staying within lines, copying forms, copying grids, and one timed test for the visual motor parts. For the visual perceptual parts the child is usually pointing to an answer and each test has roughly 20 questions (it varies slightly). Each test has a point where you can stop if the child is consistently missing. I know my kids almost always do worst on the visual closure subtest, and frankly, I find it challenging as well. There is ONE subtest that I really hate scoring, a visual perceptual one, because sometimes there is like five answers for a single question, and you have to keep track of it all. ¬†Other than that particular subtest, I feel it’s relatively easy to give/score.¬†

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