This should have posted like a week or two ago, don’t know why it didn’t!

1. I am finally getting over 10,000 page views a month! Very exciting! That’s been a recent goal and I have faith it will continue to grow as I work on content. Update 10/20/12: It’s already inching to about 11,000 page views a month. 🙂 

2. My Morphology Jr game came today from the Morphologists so I look forward to trying it out next week with some of my kiddos. It says for 8+ and I have very few kids chronologically and/or developmentally at that stage, but I am sure I can use OT skills to modify it to their level.
3. You know you’ve been in OT or PT too long when you see mention of PROM and think it’s about passive range of motion rather than a dance 🙂
4. I went to a wedding tonight (Fri) for one of my cousins, it was lovely! I threw on the sparkles as evidenced in picture included here….It’s been a long time since I’ve put up a recent picture! Was almost ready there, but didn’t change my dress till I got to the venue.
5. I did some fun directionality work the other day using the magnet dry erase board and some small cube magnets…Details to come when I am able to think.
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